Savannah's Story

Savannah loved butterflies and all the flowers that attracted them. For her celebration of life, my son Austin had a great idea. We built a makeshift flower garden so that friends and family could have a place to sit and release the live butterflies we had flown in. After the celebration, we wanted to make the garden permanent. Having no actual yard, just cement, we transformed our patio furniture into a wooden raised bed garden. When it came to the patio table with an umbrella, I thought I’d be able to go online or any major retailer and just pick up a planter that would accommodate this need. Well, there was nothing. Nothing that was a single piece plastic planter with a center hole and support. We really wanted to keep the patio exactly how it was for Savannah.

This gap in the market gave us an opportunity to build something with her, for her, to keep her involved in our daily lives. To carry on her name and her love for all things that grow, and so...

The Savannah Planter was born!